Triple Arm Excavator Design



A 2D Load assessment spreadsheet has been developed and is used to determine cylinder loads based on equilibrium of loads. An ANSYS script has also been developed so that a 3D ANSYS model can be created directly from the 2D spreadsheet. A finite element model has been constructed from geometry supplied by the client. A ½ model can be used for symmetric loadcases which reduces the computational effort. A full model is used for assessment of non-symmetric loadcases. These are used for a preliminary assessment, for proof load assessment, safety loadcase assessment and fatigue load assessment.

Calculation Preview

15 Jan 2020
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johndoyle[admin] 4 years ago
You need a paid site subscription to download this calculation.
abbaszaida 4 years ago
how can I download the file to amend the data if possible sent me by email thanks regards abbas khan
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