28 Moving Loads across 10 element beam



This spreadsheet contains 28 point forces applied to a 10 element beam. The point forces represent a double-head locomotive (two locomotives) pulling 8 freight wagons. The position and weight of the axles are pre-defined but can be changed by the user. The first axle of the train change be positioned at any location. A scroll button allows the user quickly change its position. The point forces are represented by the summation of nodal forces and nodal moments applied to the nodes of the beam. The author is particularly interested in the maximum shear force and bending moment of the beam. The beam can have any length but is currently limited to 10 beam elements. 

Calculation Reference
Finite Element
Beam Element
Moving Loads On Beam

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19 Aug 2014
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19 Aug 2014
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Cathal Bowe

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JohnDoyle[Admin] 9 years ago
Top Calculation. A great demonstration of the finite element method. I have awarded a free 6 month XLC Pro subscription by way of thanks.