ACI318-08 RC Beam



Analysis and design of rc beam as per ACI318-08.

Calculation Reference
Reinforced Concrete

Calculation Preview

24 Nov 2011
Last Modified
24 Nov 2011
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Richard Fernandez

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Comments: 11
Wilmerlacayo 2 years ago
this is a fake webpage, I can`t never download a single file. Thank you anyway.
no lo puedo descargar, me lo podrían enviar a mi correo
AHMED007 3 years ago
srichmond2 12 years ago
Great Spreadsheet. Is it possible to get one with US Units??
Great Work
RichardFernandez 12 years ago
Thank you Sir Babacan. The checks at the left side were just quick summary of the calculations so that you'll minimize scrolling just to see whether the section passes or failed in order to make a quick change in the inputs. The comments were not necessarily conclusions but just insights because there were some instances that the results were acceptable even if it shows failure or something.
BABACAN 12 years ago
Congratulations to Richard Fernandez. Has been a very useful work. Are you drawing conclusions from the analysis show? Waiting for more.
RichardFernandez 12 years ago
I have uploaded the revised spreadsheet Richard Fernandez emailed to me. It is not password protected and the problem with #VALUE? error. The version number is raised to 1.2.
JohnDoyle[Admin] 12 years ago
Thank you Richard version 1.2 is unprotected and has resolved the #VALUE? errors. I have extended your XLC Pro subscription by 3 months by way of thanks. You are building a good body of work now.
JohnDoyle[Admin] 12 years ago
Towards the end of the spreadsheet there are some #VALUE? errors. Without the password I am unable to determine the problem Excel is having.
JohnDoyle[Admin] 12 years ago
Thank you for another calculation Richard. It is a shame it is password protected because I am unable to copy the cell to add to the desription. Is this your own work or is it authored by somebody else? If it is yours would you consider uploading an unprotected version? This will allow people to interogate the calculation method.