Grating Aluminum Beam Design



This spreadsheet calculates the capacity of an Aluminum Wide Flange Beam or Channel subjected to strong axis bending.

It is in accordance with the 2000 Aluminum Design Manual.

Aluminum Design Manual
Table of Contents
IA Specification for Aluminum Structures –Allowable Stress Design
IB Specification for Aluminum Structures –Building Load and Resistance Factor Design
IIA Commentary on Specification for Aluminum Structures – Allowable Stress Design
IIB Commentary on Specification for Aluminum Structures –Building Load and Resistance Factor Design
III Design GuideIV MaterialsV Material PropertiesVI Section PropertiesVII Design Aids
VIII Illustrative Examples of Design
IX Guidelines for Aluminum Sheet Metal Work in Building Construction
Appendix 1 Metric Guide for Aluminum Structural Design

Calculation Reference

Aluminium Design Manual

Structural Design

Buckling of Slender Members

Calculation Preview

05 Sep 2012
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I have added a link to [The Aluminum Design Guide]( It would be useful if the calculation included some explanatory sketches. I have awarded a free 3 month extension to your XLC Pro Subscription by way of thanks. [Admin]
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