R_C Beam(Metric)



This spreadsheet is the metric version of RECTBEAM(318-05) from A. Tomanovich and designs reinforced concrete beam and slab sections to ACI 318M-05. I have added some additional items such as sizing the shear reinforcement requirements by using stirrup diameter and spacing including number of legs. I have also added additional reinforcement area information to cover number of bars and bars at specified spacings.

Calculation Reference
Concrete Design

Submitted On:
02 Nov 2008
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618.00 Kb
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File Author:
Michael Henry + A. Tomanovich

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Comments: 2
frank_71 13 years ago
Pay attention, the present sheet is not as per ACI318-05, but it's as per ACI318-99.
DavidScD 14 years ago
Thanks to both for this really great spreadsheet.