Reinforced Concrete Analysis and Design for Torsion



Reinforced Concrete Design Analysis and Design for Torsion
Torsional effects in reinforced concrete
Torsion in plain concrete members
Torsion in reinforced concrete members
Combined shear and torsion

Calculation Reference
Reinforced Concrete
Analysis and Design for Torsion
Reinforced Concrete Design

Calculation Preview

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14 Jan 2013
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45.33 Kb
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Turan Babacan

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Comments: 2
Ssergin 5 years ago
I just downloaded this module but I do not see any span entry to the calculation? So this module only checks a section at a time? I thought and was hoping it would check at least the whole span. It would be helpful to have the imperial units option as well.
Please Let me know if I am missing anything.
JohnDoyle[Admin] 10 years ago
Thanks again Turan for all your effort.