Simple Concrete Beams



the key steps for designing a reinforced concrete beam following ACI code procedures:

  1. Determine design loads (dead, live, etc.) based on building usage and code requirements. Convert to factored loads per ACI load combinations.
  2. Select preliminary beam dimensions based on span, loading, and desired reinforcement ratios.
  3. Calculate required flexural strength Mn using the ultimate strength design method. Mn is based on the factored moments from the load combinations.
  4. Select reinforcing bar size and number to provide the required Mn. Space bars according to code minimums.
  5. Check bar strain to ensure tension controlled behavior. The maximum strain in the bars under Mn should not exceed ACI limits.
  6. Design transverse reinforcement. This includes stirrups/ties to resist shear forces and provide confinement. Space ties according to ACI provisions.
  7. Check serviceability criteria including deflections and crack control. Make sure beam dimensions and reinforcement are adequate to limit deflections and cracking under service loads.
  8. Detail reinforcement including bar lengths, splices, corners, openings, etc. Follow ACI and ASTM standards for detailing and bar cutoffs.
  9. Specify adequate concrete cover for durability. Follow ACI provisions for cover based on exposure conditions.
  10. Prepare schematic reinforcing drawings showing size, spacing, locations and quantities of all reinforcing steel.

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