XL-CAD for Steel Sections



XL-CAD is my Excel- profile section draughtsman (vectorized) it is helpful to draw steel-profile sections for your excel worksheets.

For resolution / quality and file-size reasons it is quite interesting to add drawings / shapes drawn by means of excel.

Advanced users may show / hide / create / delete those shapes within seconds by means of VBA if you want to create interactive drawings

This tool is drawing automatically the profile section and comes along with a automatic table of contents for your future XL-sketch-library.

This version contains only European sections. But as it is OpenSource, you may modify / extend it with your preferred library

Hope it is as useful for you as it is for me


Calculation Reference
Steel Sections
Drawing in Excel
VBA for Excel

Calculation Preview

25 Dec 2017
Last Modified
15 Jan 2018
File Size:
2,745.30 Kb
File Version:
1.0 / 15-12-27
File Author:
Bernhard von Muehlenen

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Manuel Asencio 3 years ago
muy bueno
JohnDoyle[Admin] 6 years ago
A nice debut upload I have awarded a six month XLC Pro subscription by way of thanks.