Bored Piles Wall and Ground Anchors



Contiguous piling is a highly effective method of creating a retaining wall before excavations even begin. An ideal solution for earth retention where existing structures are close to site boundaries and excavations where ground water is present, piled walls create a temporary or permanent retaining structure enabling safe excavation to take place after installation of the piles. This download will help you design them.

Calculation Reference
Ground Anchor Supports

Structural Analysis

Contiguous Piled Wall

Pile Design

Calculation Preview

Turan Babacan (babacan)
12 Mar 2014
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File Version: 1.6
File Author: Turan Babacan
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Comments: 8
johndoyle[admin] 6 years ago
The spreadsheet uses a font Called 'Technic' that you do not have on your Windows 10 system. It is a free download from []( I hope this helps. My earlier comment gives another link to the font.
johndoyle[admin] 9 years ago
I had no trouble reading the 'Technic' font. It appears to be present on my system. I have found a [link to the font]( if you do not have it installed. [Here is how to install it](
babacan 9 years ago
Thank you for your feedback.
This mistake will be considered on "Bored Piles Wall and Ground Anchors v1.7".
To see professional version of this software and development process you can follow. [](
babacan 10 years ago
version 1.6
account the amount of material in the system, added
babacan 10 years ago
Some bugs were fixed!
ver 1.5
babacan 11 years ago
**BABACAN wrote:**
johndoyle[admin] 11 years ago
Truly an amazing piece of work here. I marvel at your ingenuity Turan. As a mechanical engineer with little knowledge of civil engineering what I admire most is how you make a complex topic so easy to understand - this is the hallmark of a true master of his discipline. Thank you so much.
rdivito 11 years ago
My downloaded version of the file shows all of the text labels in Wingdings font which is unreadable.
Can you please advise how to correct or issue a new corrected version?
Thank you.
Randy Divito
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