Capacity Calculation



Calculates the capacity of structural members like beam & columns.

Please note that this calculation requires both Excel's Solver Addin and the xlxtrFun addin

Calculation Reference

Reinforced Concrete Design

Structural Capacity

Ultimate Strength

Calculation Preview

28 Mar 2016
File Size: 84.50 Kb
Downloads: 122
File Version: 1.0
File Author: Maiwand Khan
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Comments: 3
Maiwandkn91 5 years ago
Hi sorry for the late reply, it requires xlxtrfun adding to work..
JohnDoyle[Admin] 8 years ago
I have added a note about both addins that are required to run this calculation and extended your XLC Pro subscription by six months by way of thanks.
JohnDoyle[Admin] 8 years ago
Hi Maiwand it looks like a great calculation but I appear to be missing an addin - I have a sheet full of #NAME? errors. I noticed that the solver addin needs to be active. However The #NAME? error still persisted which I traced to a function called interpolate(). Can you give me instructions to make this calculation work?
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