EN 1993 bracing design - angle bracing to gusset



Design and verification of angle bracing connections to gusset plates in steel structures, as per the Eurocode 3 (EN 1993) standards. Let's break down each of these checks:

  1. Check for Bearing:

    • This check ensures that the bolts and the connected members can safely carry the bearing loads without excessive deformation or failure.
    • The bearing capacity is checked by comparing the applied bearing force against the design bearing resistance of the bolt and the connected plate.
  2. Block Shear:

    • Block shear is a failure mode in which a section of the material around a group of bolt holes gets torn out.
    • This check ensures that the connected members have adequate resistance against this type of failure.
    • The block shear resistance is determined based on the tensile and shear strengths of the material and the geometry of the bolted connection.
  3. Tensile and Compressive Resistance:

    • This check ensures that the angle brace can safely carry the applied tensile or compressive loads without buckling or yielding.
    • The tensile and compressive capacities are determined based on the cross-sectional area, material strength, and slenderness ratio of the angle brace.
  4. Weld Check - Gusset to Bearing Member:

    • This check is for the welded connection between the gusset plate and the bearing member (usually a beam or column).
    • The weld's capacity is checked against the applied loads to ensure that the welds are adequate in size and quality.
    • The weld check involves verifying the throat thickness, length, and quality of the weld against the applied shear and axial loads.

These checks are crucial to ensure the safety and stability of steel structures, especially under dynamic loads such as wind or seismic forces.

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