Rectangular HSS & Box Shaped Members - Combined Bending Shear and Torsion



Tubes Subject to Combined Bending, Shear & Torsion

This calculation procedure is presented in order to check the applied loads versus the allowable combined bending, shear & torsion capacity of a square or rectangular hollow steel section. Calculations are in accordance with the AISC 13th Edition Steel Specification Chapters F, G and H for Square and Rectangular HSS and Box-Shaped Members. The allowable stress method (ASD) is used. The steel section can either be selected from the AISC database or you can specify a custom sized box section with all four sides of a constant thickness.

If the tube flange elements are found to be slender then the effective reduced flange width and the corresponding reduced section modulus are calculated.

The allowable bending moments, shears and torsion are calculated and the interaction equation is evaluated based upon the loads input at any section along the member.

· This sheet is NOT APPLICABLE to round pipe or HSS members.
· Biaxial bending permitted
· Axial loading not permitted
· The sheet is protected but without a password.

Calculation Reference
AISC Steel Specification

Calculation Preview

13 Feb 2012
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13 Feb 2012
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