Reinforced Concrete Pad Footing AS3600 Compliant



Title: Reinforced Concrete Rectangular Pad Footing Design

General Description: Calculates the reinforcement required for a reinforced rectangular or square concrete footing with a
rectangular or square columns at the centre of the footing, for flexure and checks 1 way and 2 way shear at the concrete column, using ductility class N reinforcement.

Limitations: For rectangular or square pads only, with no applied moment or horizontal forces
. Does not design for shear reinforcement.

Codes/Theoretical Basis:
AS3600 - 2009 (Incorporating Amendment 1, 2010 )
Warner, Rangan, Hall & Faulkes, Concrete Structures, Longman, Melbourne, 1999
Foster, Kilpatrick and Warner, Reinforced Concrete Basics 2E, Pearson, 2010

Nomenclature: Symbols and notation as generally used in AS3600.

Yellow cells require data input by the designer
Geometry for the pad footing , etc
Concrete strength etc
Geometry of column etc
Applied actions and allowable bearing capacity  
Area of tension reinforcement in both directions based on initial calculations and minimum reinforcement
Iterate if does not meet minimum design values

Where pink fill is used it alerts designer to options or information

Boxed cells with green background calculated automatically using formulae.
Footing weight, working load, total ultimate load, load factor and actual bearing pressure under the footing
Ultimate moment in each direction and initial area of reinforcing along with minimum reinforcement
Number, size and spacing of reinforcing bars
Maximum bending capacity in both directions Muo
Moment capacity  fMu in both directions for the chosen reinforcement
Checks for minimum reinforcement  
Checks one way and two way shear

Provides summary of the results

Feedback: For comments, corrections, suggestions or other feedback regarding this spreadsheet, please contact the CCAA

Calculation Reference


Warner, Rangan, Hall & Faulkes, Concrete Structures

Foster, Kilpatrick and Warner, Reinforced Concrete Basics

Calculation Preview

17 Jun 2013
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