Seismic Design of Liquid-containing Concrete Structures



Purpose of Calculation 

The spreadsheet presented calculates for the seismic effects (loadings) to be considered in the design of liquid-containing structures (tanks, concrete tanks, sloshing, comvective and impulsive forces, etc.).This spreadsheet follows the design method suggested on Appendix A (Design Method) of the ACI 350.3 publication.


ACI 350.3-01 and ACI 350.3R-01 - Seismic Design of Liquid Containing Structures and Commentary 

Calculation Reference

Seismic Design of Liquid-containing Concrete Structures

Structural Steel

ACI 350.3

Calculation Preview

21 Mar 2016
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jammonsalud 8 years ago
Thank you! I was worried I wasn't able to log in until I saw your comment. I am still figuring out my way in your site.
As you can see, I was inspired by a certain ATomanovich :lol: - therefore I like to give credit to him with regards to the style/presentation of this spreadsheet.
I will update it and hopefully complete it to version 1.0 .
Once again - many thanks John.
johndoyle[admin] 8 years ago
A useful début calculation I have awarded a free six month XLC Pro subscription by way of thanks. I have also changed your username from your email address to "JamMonsalud" so that you email address is not visible from the website (this may leave you vulnerable to spammers). Your password is unchanged.
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