US Steel Sheet Pile Design



US Steel Sheet Pile Design - Cantilevered Wall (Granular Soil) with Cooper E80 Surcharge
Spreadsheet Description:
Computes the depth required, maximum moment, and section modulus required for Sheet Pile Design based on US Steel's Sheet Piling Design Manual. There is a sheet to analyze the effects of Cooper E80 loading per AREMA Specifications. However,  normal traffic or equipment surcharge loads can be used as well. Graphs are provided for Log Spiral Active and Passive coefficients.
Table of Contents:
1) Background and Instructions
2) Calculations for Pile Depth
3) Equation Solver and Graphical Check of Results
4) Maximum Moment and Section Modulus
5) Calculations and Graph of E80 AREMA Loading
6) Tables and Graphs of Log Spiral Curves Used for Active and Passive Coefficients
Instructions For Users:
1) Go to Pile Depth. Fill in white boxes with the appropriate data using drop lists
1) For use cohesionless soils
2) Ground water is lowered to the bottom of excavation

Calculation Reference
Soil Mechanics in Engineering Practice, K Terzaghi and R Peck
A Theoretical and Expermantal Analysis of Sheet Pile Walls, P. W. Rowe
Mechanics of Soils, Alfredo Jumikis
Pile Foundations, Robert Chellis
NAVFAC DM7-01 and DM7-02, US Gov't
Foundation Design, Wayne C Teng

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09 Nov 2010
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