Sheet Piling calculation building on the work of Alex Tomanovich.

Sheet pile calculations involve determining the structural and geotechnical performance of sheet pile walls, which are used to retain soil or water in various applications such as excavation support, cofferdams, and retaining walls. The calculations ensure that the sheet pile wall can withstand the applied loads and maintain stability. Key aspects of sheet pile calculations include:

  1. Site investigation: A thorough site investigation provides essential data on soil properties, groundwater conditions, and any potential hazards. This information is crucial for selecting the appropriate sheet pile type and designing its dimensions.

  2. Load determination: Identify the loads acting on the sheet pile wall, including earth pressures, water pressures, and any additional loads from structures or construction activities.

  3. Earth pressure analysis: Calculate the lateral earth pressures acting on the sheet pile wall using various methods, such as Rankine or Coulomb theories, depending on the soil conditions and wall geometry.

  4. Groundwater analysis: Evaluate the impact of groundwater on the sheet pile wall, considering factors like seepage forces, pore pressure distribution, and the need for dewatering systems.

  5. Structural analysis: Analyze the structural capacity of the sheet pile wall to resist bending, deflection, and buckling due to the applied loads. This involves determining the required section modulus, moment of inertia, and material strength of the sheet piles.

  6. Stability analysis: Assess the overall stability of the sheet pile wall, considering factors like sliding, rotation, and bearing capacity. This may involve methods such as the limit equilibrium approach or finite element analysis.

  7. Anchorage design: If the sheet pile wall requires additional support, design the anchorage system, including tie rods, wales, and deadman anchors. Calculate the required anchor spacing, capacity, and connection details.

  8. Penetration depth: Determine the minimum penetration depth of the sheet piles into the soil or rock layer to ensure adequate resistance against lateral loads and overall stability.

  9. Construction considerations: Account for the construction method, equipment, and installation sequence, as well as any temporary support systems needed during the construction process.

  10. Final design and documentation: Document the sheet pile wall design in detailed drawings and specifications, providing a guide for the construction team and obtaining necessary permits and approvals.

The design of sheet pile walls should follow relevant guidelines, design codes, and local regulations to ensure the safety and stability of the structure in its specific application.

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06 Feb 2023
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