Fatigue Damage in Steel Welds.xls



Calculate fatigue damage in a steel weld subjected to constant amplitude loading and variable amplitude loading. Based on methods described in the references below.

Calculation Reference
Gene Mathers from TWI has written an overview of fatigue.

Use with the efatigue weld classification finder

Guidance on how to select joint classifications can be found online in "Fatigue strength of welded structures" - Google Books Result
by Stephen John Maddox - 1991 - Technology & Engineering - 198 pages
Joint classification For the purposes of fatigue design each part of a welded ... Different details are combined in a single class on the basis that they ...

Fatigue of Welded Structures - Gurney

BS7608 Fatigue Design of Steel Structures

Calculation Preview

22 May 2009
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johndoyle[admin] 6 years ago
Yogie the calculation referred to on our YouTube Channel is not this one but can be found here [Weld-SN-Fatigue.xls](/calcs/repository/strength/fatigue/weld-sn-fatigue.xls/)
johndoyle[admin] 16 years ago
I have checked it out and it works fine Nidhee.
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