Excel Mini Graphics



Apply axial, vertical,moments,torsion loading.

Excel mini graphics displays/force and torsion/displacement curves.

Select any support types (built in, simply supported and guided).

Calculation Reference
Beam Analysis

Structural Design

Stress Analysis

Calculation Preview

Turan Babacan (BABACAN)
29 Jan 2013
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File Author: Turan Babacan
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Comments: 3
DRT 11 years ago
I have just tried a simple support beam with one Y load in the centre and the results show an error in that the left and right side of the beam are not equal - it looks like there is a support (not shown) towards the right of the beam (please see picture)
![Image uploaded by user](http://i1180.photobucket.com/albums/x402/tuizner/2013-04-0310_54_31-MicrosoftExcel-LOADS_zps4754cfb6.jpg)
Aaron Biedenbach 11 years ago
Can the locations of the supports be changed?
JohnDoyle[Admin] 11 years ago
Well done again Turan once again you help me work faster, achieve more and make my bookshelves lighter :-)
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