Analysis of Sheet Pile Wall - Cantilevered and Anchored



Spreadsheet calculated total active/passive demands on a sheet pile wall (considers anchored and cantilevered walls). Ultimate output = required sheet pile embedment depth.

   Net Lateral Pressure Coefficient 
  Net Lateral Unit Weight of Soil 
  Maximum Active Lateral Soil Pressure
  Depth to Point of Inflection
  Depth of Reverse Passive Zone
  Total Active Lateral Force
  Distance to C.G. of Lateral Active Force
  Passive Pressure
  Passive Pressure from Backfill at 'O'
  Passive Pressure from Backfill at Tip

Calculation Reference

Sheet Pile Wall

Retaining Wall Design


Calculation Preview

28 Jun 2016
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Comments: 3
abdallah.sss 3 years ago
hi thanks
Atherton62 8 years ago
This is a good aid for reviewing anchored sheet pile. Thanks for the upload.
JohnDoyle[Admin] 8 years ago
A comprehensive calculation James, although we have many similar calculations on this site another approach is always useful and instructive to see. I have extended you XLC Pro subscription by 3 months by way of thanks.
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