Corbel is a short structural element that cantilevers out from column/wall to support load.Generally, the corbel is casted monolithically with column/wall.

There are several typical modes of failure in the corbel. The most common of which are yielding of the tension tie, failure of the end anchorages of the tension tie, either under the load point or in the column, failure of the compression strut by crushing or shearing, and local failures under the bearing plate.

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Turan Babacan (babacan)
21 May 2014
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Comments: 5 5 years ago
I hope to get the Corbel analysis and design 1.0 5 years ago
good prog
babacan 10 years ago
johndoyle[admin] 10 years ago
One tiny point I notice that geometry was spelt incorrectly as geometri. A pedantic comment I realise but I thought you would like the feedback :)
johndoyle[admin] 10 years ago
More amazing work Turan! You make a structural engineers life much easier. Thank you once again for publishing your marvellous work with us.
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