Crane runway design based on DIN standard




Hoist type, Hoisting speed, VH, Operation, Type of girder, Safe working load, Support length, L, , Crane group , Girder weight, GWT, Girder span, Min. Hook Approach, Weight of hoist, Weight of end carriage, Max. wheel load on runway, Distance between max wheel load, Equal distance between wheels and column, , Hoisting factor, HF, Travelling factor, TF, Allowable stress for compression, ?c,allow, Allowable stress for tension, ?t,allow, Allowable tensile stress for weld, ?tw,allow, Total allowable deflection of L/500, ?allow, Design strength, DS, Overload factor 125%, OF, Young modulus of elasticity, Allowable slenderness ratio.

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06 Feb 2020
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