Design of Spread Footing




Density Of Concrete
Density Of Soil
Depth Of Foundation
Soil Bearing Capacity
Length Of Footing
Width Of Footing
Thickness of Fdtn.
Width Of Pedestal
Length Of Pedestal
Height Of Pedestal
Coefficient Of Friction
Ground Water Table Ht.

1.0 Load Calculation for Footing & Soil:-
Self Wt. Of Footing
Weight of Soil
Self Wt. Of Pedestal
Weight of Footing + Soil

2.0 Check Maximum and Minimum Pressure at Footing Base:
Area of Footing
Section Modulus
Section Modulus
Total Vertical Load

3.0 Check for Overturning:
Overturning Moment
Due to External Load
Due to wt. of Pedestal
Due to Self Wt. of Fdn
Due to Wt. of Soil
Total Stabilizing Moment
F.O.S. against Overturning

4.0 Check for Sliding:
Resultant Shear Force
Total Vertical Load
F.O.S. against Sliding

5.0 Load Case Check:
Check Max. & Mini. Pressure at Footing Base:

6.0 Check for Overturning & Sliding:

7.0 Check For Shear
a) Two Way Shear
b) One Way Shear

8.0 Design Of Foundation/Footing:
a) Calculation of Reinforcement at Bottom
b) Calculation of Reinforcement at Top

This presents the design of isolated spread footing using the results from Staad Support Reactions.

Calculation Reference

Reinforced Concrete Footings

ACI 318-07

Design of Spread Footing

Calculation Preview

12 Dec 2012
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alice.01 6 months ago
How to Download it, I subscribed already ..
hagohary 3 years ago
good sheet
johndoyle[admin] 11 years ago
At Step 6.0 in the calculation I noticed that there is a division by zero error when the total horizontal load is zero.
johndoyle[admin] 11 years ago
Another good calculation Wilfred I have extended your XLC Pro subscription by 3 months by way of thanks.
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