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The spread sheet incorporates Vessel motion loading with Environmental Criteria in estimating stresses for mast designs. It covers both unstayed and stayed mast in SI unit and Imperia unit. Although it is being specifically doctored for mast, it could be adapted for estimating stresses of similar structures on floating unit such include Burner boom, Derricks etc. The calculation is referenced to Design of Ships masts R.W. Milliman published by the Association of Engineering and Shipbuilding Draughtsman AESA.

Calculation Reference
Design of Ships Masts
Naval Engineering
Ship Design

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21 Sep 2010
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22 Sep 2010
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Akinola 13 years ago
Thank you Akinola this is a good contribution. I have added a calculation preview and some addition links to your down load page and I have awarded you a free three month XLC Pro subscription by way of thanks.
Akinola 13 years ago
I hope will be very useful for Engineers in Shipbuilding or Offshore Industries.