Offshore Tubular Joints Punch Check as per API-WSD



API-WSD-Tubular Joints Check
This spreadsheet defines the principle terms and ratios used in tubular joint design. It presents the classifications for T, Y, X, N, K and KT joints and the details of joint arrangements. It describes design methods for static strength.
The main structure of a topside consists of either an integrated deck or a module support frame and modules. Commonly tubular lattice frames are present, however a significant amount of rolled and built up sections are also used. This calculation sheet refers to the design of tubular joints. These are used extensively offshore, particularly for jacket structures.
Only static check is performed here, fatigue check shall be added in further revisions.

Calculation Reference
Tubular Steel Construction
Tubular Lattice Frames
Steel Structures

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15 Apr 2013
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15 Apr 2013
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