Punching Shear Check - Concrete Slab (Rectangular and Circular)



Simple punching shear spreadsheet check for reinforced concrete slabs including calc cover sheet.

Applied Load

Length of Applied Load

Width of Applied Load

Applied Pressure

Slab Thickness

Tension Reinforcement

Concrete Cover

Minimum Conc. Compressive Strength

Resistance factor for Concrete

Modification Factor for Concrete Density

Factored Shear Stress

Diameter of Tension Reinforcement

Shear Depth of Section

Perimeter of Critical Section

Ratio of Long Side of Bearing Area to Short Side

Number of Shear Planes

Factored shear stress resistance 

Calculation Reference

Concrete Punching Shear

Reinforced Concrete

Structural Design

Calculation Preview

28 Jun 2016
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File Author: James OReilly
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Comments: 2
JohnDoyle[Admin] 8 years ago
Also James could say what engineering reference you are following?
JohnDoyle[Admin] 8 years ago
Thank you for your debut calculation. I have awarded a free 3M XLC Pro subscription by way of thanks. I did correct a simple error in a lookup formula Sheet Calc1 (2) cell G15 contained a value 30 which gave an error in the lookup formula. Simply using your drop down and selecting 30M corrected the error.
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