Steel Beam with Web Openings



This workbook determines whether a steel beam with known loads, and hence known Moments and Shears, can have web openings added. The first worsheet will determine if an opening can be added at a specific location without reinforcement. The second worksheet goes through the same check as the first and then determines what reinforcing is necessary. The third spreadsheet is the steel data tables as made available by AISC.

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Greg Shea (gfs_se)
31 Jan 2011
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File Author: Greg Shea
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Comments: 4
JohnDoyle[Admin] 10 years ago
This calculation requires the XLC addin. If this is installed then the calculation will work correctly.
jeti 10 years ago
Help - .. when I edit a beam size by going into the edit enabling mode, the value for "R" is no longer a number, but a formula....How do I edit a beam size and get the results ....
gfs_se 13 years ago
I have just uploaded version 2 of the workbook. Version 2 corrects some formatting issues with the first version. Thanks for fixing some of my mistakes John.
gfs_se 13 years ago
Thanks for this worthy calculation gfs_se I have awarded a free six month XLC Pro subscription by way of thanks. When I was reviewing the calculation I did have to make a few changes to the calculation. When I pressed the XLC "redraw all worksheet equations" button there were a few stray EQS() functions generating too many equations. One equation reported a OVD()/UND() error message but I think I fixed this. I also removed a reference to another work book which looked like a previous version of the calculation you uploaded. I think it is worth downloading the copy I worked on just to check that every thing is working as intended. Thanks for your interest in the site.
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