Assess the flexural and shear capacities of a concrete beam in an environmentally sensitive structure using the provisions of ACI 350-06. Includes working stress checks and LRFD design procedures.

Purpose of calculation
Assess the capacity of a concrete beam in simple bending (flexure and shear) using the provisions of ACI 350-06.
Calculation requires input of both service and factored loads in shear and moment.
Sulfate exposure level can be set to either moderate or severe.
Working stress checks are performed per ACI-350.

Assumptions and Conventions
Sulfate exposure level can be set to either moderate or severe.
It is recommended that this calc only be used with US Units (in*lb) due to limitations of ACI 350 code equations.
Calculation Reference
ACI 350-06, Code Requirements for Environmental Engineering Concrete Structures and Commentary, American Concrete Institute (2006)

Calculation Validation
XLC formulae and peer review provide verification of intended functionality.

-Consolidated calculation by removing repeated lines.
-Corrected sketches
-Rearranged slightly and added coloring to highlight input parameters.
-Added more code references

Calculation Reference

ACI 350 Beam Design

Concerete Beam Design

Reinforced Concrete Calculation

Calculation Preview

Chris Caruso (cpcaruso)
26 Aug 2013
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Comments: 2
cpcaruso 11 years ago
Thanks, John! The community features here are quite valuable, so I plan to contribute some more of my structural design spreadsheets for underground work in the coming months.
johndoyle[admin] 11 years ago
Thanks for your debut Chris. Rarely do I see someone adhere to our [Good Calculation Guide](/calcs/good-calc-guide) so closely. I have awarded a free years XLC Pro subscription by way of thanks.
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