ASCE 7-10 Load Combinations



This is a spreadsheet (in BETA form) to calculate Load Combinations for simple projects.

Your suggestions or critiques are welcomed. 

Calculation Reference
Building Design
ASCE 7-10
Load Superposition

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10 Mar 2014
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Simon Richmond

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Comments: 6
Heinzig 4 years ago
Thanks for the spreadsheet.
srichmond2 9 years ago

You are correct. Something I missed and will update.
knolan 9 years ago
For example: ASCE 7-10 ASD Load Combination 7 is stated as:
0.6D + 0.6W.
The spreadsheet shows it as 0.6D + W + H which is how it is written in ASCE 7-05.
They have increased the design velocities on the wind speed maps in ASCE 7-10 and the 0.6 reduction in the load combination is supposed to compensate for that.
srichmond2 9 years ago

I used ASCE 7-10 to write them. I double checked and they seem correct. Where do you see the difference? I have had other engineers check them also.
knolan 9 years ago
This spreadsheet shows Load Combinations for ASCE 7-05; not ASCE 7-10 as it states in the title. The combinations for ASCE 7-10 have completely changed since the 05 edition and this spreadsheet has not been updated.
JohnDoyle[Admin] 9 years ago
Your XLC Pro subscription has been extended by 3 months by way of thanks.