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Sheathing enhancement as per Florida Building Code 2020 6th edition. The Roofing Application Standard (RAS) 117 is a part of the Florida Building Code that provides guidelines for the design and installation of roof systems. This standard is particularly relevant in Florida due to the state's susceptibility to high winds and hurricanes.

In the context of sheathing enhancement calculations, RAS 117 provides guidelines for the design and installation of roof sheathing, which is the layer of material that covers the roof structure and provides a base for the roof covering (like shingles or tiles). The sheathing helps to strengthen the roof structure and protect it from wind and rain.

RAS 117 includes specific requirements for the thickness and type of sheathing material, the size and spacing of fasteners (like nails or screws), and other factors that can affect the roof's ability to withstand high winds. These requirements are based on the type of roof, the location of the building, and the expected wind speeds in that area.

The 'sheathing enhancement' refers to improvements or modifications to the roof sheathing to make it more resistant to wind damage. This could include using thicker or stronger sheathing material, reducing the spacing between fasteners, or adding additional fasteners or other reinforcement.

It's important to note that the specific requirements can vary depending on the local building codes and the specific conditions of the building and its location.

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30 Jun 2023
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