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Snow Loads

ASCE 7-10

Structural Design

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22 Nov 2014
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Comments: 4
johndoyle[admin] 9 years ago
Thank you Jobeandog and Epyon1077 for your good comments and corrections. I have extended both your XLC Pro subscriptions by 3 months by way of thanks.
jobeandog 10 years ago
I was using the spread sheet. I am old enough that I started out in my career doing drift calcs by hand, so I had a feel for what the results should be. When they were larger than expected, I dug into the equations and found the problem.
jobeandog 10 years ago
I believe I have found a couple errors in the spread sheet. I tried to post the corrections, but they don't show up. Cells C77 and C79 need to limit the drift height to less than or equal to hc. Also, the drift width cannot exceed 8hc.
johndoyle[admin] 12 years ago
I have a warded a six month extension to your XLC Pro subscription by way of thanks. [Admin.]
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