Wind Load Eurocode 1



Calculation note for wind Load according to eurocode.

Eurocode 1: Action on structures - Part 1-4 - Wind Actions (EN-1994-1-4)

Peak Velocity Pressure 

Pressure Coefficients

1 Determine basic wind velocity [Vb]

2 Determine mean wind velocity [Vm]

3 Determine roughness factor 

4 Determine wind turbulence  [Iv(Z)]

5 Determine peak velocity prerssure [qp(Z)]

6 Determine wind pressure acting on external surfaces [We]

7 Determine wind pressure acting on the internal surfaces [Wi]

8 Determine wind force (Fw) acting on a structural component 

9 Determine wind force Fw acting on structure through vectorial summation of:

(a) External forces: Fw,e = CsCd  ∑We Aref 

(b) Internal forces: Fw,i =  ∑Wi Aref

(c) Frictional forces: Ffr = Cfr qp (Ze) Afr

10 Determination of CsCd(a)the structure corresponds to one of the general shapes shown below

11 Pressure coefficient for buildings

Calculation Reference
Wind Load
Eurocode 1
Building Design

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This is a benefit file to calculate the wind loading based on Eurocode
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