Flooring system using Solid timber floor joists



Design a solid timber floor joists system that will satisfy all the requirements for ultimate & serviceability limit states in EC5-1-1 (Euro codes) Summary Ultimate Limit State Design, Bending, Shear, Bearing, Lateral stability of joist subjected to bending. Serviceability Limit State Design, Deflection, Fundamental Frequency, Deflection of floor under unit point load, Unit impulse velocity response.

Calculation Reference
Eurocode 5
Timber Design
Wood Structural Design

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07 Nov 2011
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115.22 Kb
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andrew Livingstone

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JohnDoyle[Admin] 11 years ago
This is a fantastic calculation which fully embraces all aspects of our 'Good Calculation Design'. I have extended your XLC pro Subscription by 12 months by way of thanks.[Admin]