Wood Perforated Shear Wall Design



This program may be used to design wood perforated shear walls in accordance with IBC 2003 & ANSI/AF&PA SDPWS-2005.

Calculation Reference
IBC 2003

Calculation Reference
IBC 2003
Perforated Shear Wall
Timber Design

Calculation Preview

21 Sep 2008
Last Modified
27 Sep 2012
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Jason M. McQueen

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Comments: 8
jefflayman 7 years ago
Anyone interested in this calculation may want to check out the perforated wood shear wall worksheet that I uploaded. It is based on a newer document (SDPWS-2015 instead of IBC-2003)and includes graphics that update in real time to depict wall perforations. see here.
anniesball 11 years ago
This is nice, but what are the forces around the opening? Is it possible to get this information?
JohnDoyle[Admin] 11 years ago
Sorry I should have explained there is no update to the Excel file I simply updated the description to include a calculation preview in response to a user request. [Admin]
svega 11 years ago
What it is New in this Version?
If it is an update?
MSE 13 years ago
Some comments ask some questions of your spreadsheet MSE. I am copying them here because they should have been raised in the forum.
gfs_se 13 years ago
I like the look of the spreadsheet. How did you create the graphics? They don't appear to be excel drawing tools.
Why have so much of the calculation buried in hidden columns? Wouldn't it be more meaningful for a reviewer, i.e. city, county or state plans examiner, to see all of the calculations that go into F. The comments have a lot of useful information in them, but none of that will show up when the sheet is printed out to submit to the plans examiner.
Several of your equations appear to be a special function called embed. Is this an excel function or from an add-in?
Have you considered highlighting the cells that require input to differentiate them from calculated results? Any thoughts of including the shear tables?
darkmooneng 15 years ago
Great work on this. Will this spreadsheet be updated for the 2007 IBC?
MSE 15 years ago
The program allows for an unlimited number of segments. The segments can be of any size that does not violate the aspect ratio. The figure is only presented as an example of the application.