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This is a sample spreadsheet for boring log which is very helpful for Geotechnical Engineers. Borehole logs are used to display the results of oil and gas, mining, geotechnical and environmental drilling and sampling. Logs can be used to display soil and rock samples.

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Geotechnic Engineering
Bore Holes

Borehole logs are graphical representations of the subsurface geology obtained from drilling and sampling operations. They are commonly used in oil and gas exploration, mining, geotechnical and environmental investigations to provide a detailed picture of the subsurface conditions and characteristics.

Borehole logs typically include information on the lithology, or rock type and composition, of each layer encountered in the borehole. This information is obtained through visual inspection of core samples or cuttings obtained during drilling, or through geophysical logging techniques such as gamma ray, resistivity or sonic logging. The logs may also include information on the depth and orientation of fractures or faults, groundwater levels, and other relevant data.

Borehole logs are typically displayed in a vertical format, with the depth of each layer or interval plotted on the y-axis and the lithology or other data plotted on the x-axis. They may also include cross-sections, plan views, or 3D representations of the subsurface geology. Borehole logs are commonly used by geologists, engineers, and other professionals to design and plan subsurface structures, evaluate geological hazards, and assess environmental impacts.

Overall, borehole logs are an essential tool for understanding the subsurface geology and characterizing the materials and conditions encountered during drilling and sampling operations. They provide valuable information for designing and constructing safe and effective subsurface structures, and for managing environmental and geological risks.

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29 Jun 2012
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27 Apr 2023
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