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Purpose of calculation: Calculate the proof and ultimate strength of obliquely loaded lugs.
This calculation has been extended to also consider fatugue strength.
Calculation Reference: Traditional UK railway method.
Calculation Validation: This calculation requires validation.
Design Tips:
1) It is normal to choose a pin size 6mm larger than required to allow for off centre drilling etc.
2) You may want to consider the use of a replaceable bush to increase the wear life of the lug.
3)You may also have to consider fatigue life.

Calculation Reference
Peterson's Stress Concentration
Juvinal Design

Calculation Preview

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21 Mar 2011
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132.50 Kb
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Comments: 4
JohnDoyle[Admin] 11 years ago
A correction to the shear proof strength and ultimate proof strength formulas has been made after it was reported in by a user.
JohnDoyle[Admin] 12 years ago
Description of Change: An error in the sketch showing dimension b has been corrected. Addition of calculations of the parameter b for round ended and square ended lugs has been added.
jwt 13 years ago
Very nicely layed out. I look forward to using it.
JohnDoyle[Admin] 13 years ago
Some simple nomenclature errors have been corrected.