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This calculation computes the shears in a fastener group that is only subject to a direct shear and/or in-plane moments. It is done by the elastic analysis method which is less exact than the ultimate strength (instantaneous center of rotation) method used to formulate the AISC tables - but it does provide a conservative and simplified design of such connections. This calculation provides a means to skirt some of the following provisions and limitations of the AISC tables:
1. The AISC tables do not address the case of imposing a concentric moment on the group without also applying a direct shear
2. With the AISC tables you cannot apply load on the group at an arbitrary angle
3. You cannot apply more than 1 shear and/or moment load at a time
4. Fastener spacings are limited to those that are tabulated
5. The AISC tables were developed based upon the load-deformation characteristics of A325 bolts. The "C" factors will be different than those tabulated if you are using other types of fasteners. Generally such load deformation characteristics are unknown for different types of fasteners. Hence, this elastic method provides a reliable and conservative way of evaluating loads on the group of fasteners for bearing type connections.
Other Advantages
1. The calculation provides a handy vectorial view of the loads at each bolt. The individual components of shear as well as their resultants at each bolt are shown numerically and with their corresponding direction.
2. This method can also be used to determine loads that can be used for design of fasteners other than high strength bolts in steel as well as for anchor bolts, etc.
User Notes
1. The size of the fastener group is limited to 3x6
2. The sheet provides for a method of comparing a theoretical "C" value to compare with those "C" values tabulated in the AISC bolt group tables.
3. The sheet is protected - but not with a password.

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04 Mar 2011
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Steven Capri

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docapri 12 years ago
Thanks for the calculation Steve I have extended your subscription by 3 months by ways of thanks. I can see its a similar calculation to one of Alex Tomanovich's but its presented in a different way that will be useful and interesting to members. Thanks.