Shaft Deflections



Purpose of Calculation         
   To calculate the bending moments, shear forces slopes and deflections in shafts subject to radial loads.      
Calculation Reference    l    
Calculation Validation         
  The calculations have been checked against other souces including the reference text above . I have checked the  calculations against high quality calculators and the deflections resulting are generally within 5%.  Notes providing  background for the calculations are provided on the above website.       
Important Notes:   Please only enter data in the identified coloured cells.      
   The points 2,5,8,11, &14 are to be positioned at the centre of each length of constant diameter.      
   These are used for calculations involving self weight of shaft and reflect the centre of gravity of the sections.            
 The tables below provide a simple (numerical integration) method for calculating,with reasonable accuracy, the shear forces, moments , radial and angular deflections resulting from radial forces. 

A method of obtaining the forces, moments and deflections along a stepped shaft subject to lateral forces i.e. gear , belt or chain forces. The method is convenient compared to other methods but provides only approximate solutions ( +- 5%). Can be used to provide quick initial checks.

Calculation Reference
Machine Design Deutshman Michels Wilson
Machine Design
Design of Rotating Equipment

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