Influence lines in continuous beam



This spreadsheet computes influence lines of bending moment and shear force for the sections of continuous beams.

A value of the influence line at position 'X' presents a force in the structural member due to a concentrated downward unit load applied at this position.    

The forces in statically undetermined structure are found using method of forces described on the page 'Solver'. The worksheet formulas are used to solve the structure for a single load. VBA is used to automate this task for various locations of moving load.    

The VBA must be enabled in order to use this spreadsheet. In Office 2007/2010  the Security Warning will appear in the upper left corner of the screen. Click on Options, and then select Enable This Content option.

Calculation Reference
Structural Analysis of Beams
Continuous Beams
Bridge Design

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12 Sep 2011
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13 Sep 2011
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Yakov Polyakov

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Prodriguez97 3 years ago
Ha sido muy útil en mi universidad, gracias
JohnDoyle[Admin] 12 years ago
This is a very powerful spreadsheet for beam design. Thank you Yakov I have extended your subscription by way of thanks [Admin]