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Crane Designer's Fatigue Design
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Purpose of calculation:
Determine fatigue strength of mechanical component.

Calculation Reference
BS2573: Pt 2 Appendix C
ISO 4301/1


Calculation Procedure

Ultimate strength of material (max 1100MPa)
Applied stress
Stress state factor
Size factor
Surface finish factor (approximate values using linear curve fit to tabulated data).

  • As Forged
  • Hot Rolled
  • Rough turned (peak to valley height 30μm)
  • Turned/rough ground (peak to valley height 12μm)
  • Fine turned (peak to valley height 6.5μm)
  • Fine ground (peak to valley height 2.5μm)
  • Lapped/rough polished (peak to valley height 1μm)
  • Mirror polished

Stress concentration factor
Notch sensitivity factor
Fatigue notch factor
Fatigue limit factor
Fatigue reference stress factor
Fatigue reference stress (90% probability of survival)
Design Stress
Demand to capacity ratio
Allowable Stress Amplitude
Demand to capacity ratio
Calculate σall for given N using power trend line (fit equation: y=cxb)
Generate SN Diagram
Generate Goodman Diagram

Calculation Reference
Petersons Stress Concentration Factors
Machinery's Handbook 18th ed.
Crane Design
ISO 4301

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