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Fatigue stress
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Calculation Preview

Purpose of calculation
Goodman Safe Life Fatigue Calculation

Calculation Reference
Fatigue Design
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Safe Life Fatigue
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Goodman Fatigue Method
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Submitted By:
KUNJAN PATEL (kunjmech2004)
Submitted On:
05 Jul 2011
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91.00 Kb
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kunjmech2004 3 years ago
ExcelCalcs is a club whose members share an interest in making calculations with MS Excel. Members submit calculations which are reviewed by us and published if we think they will be of use to our community. You can discuss any calculation with the author by adding a comment on the download page as these are automatically forwarded to the author's registered email address. We charge members an annual subscription fee to cover administration, development and hosting costs. We offer 50% discounts to academic members and [b][url=/the-good-calculation-guide/#Publish]free membership to site contributors[/url][/b]. Calculation previews show what each calculation contains but we do not sent out calculations for trial purposes.
kunjmech2004 3 years ago
I am a student. I could not become a member because there was no money. Can you email me the 'Goodman Safe Life Fatigue Calculation' excell file?
Thank you for your interest.
Mail address:
[b]kunjmech2004 wrote:[/b]
JohnDoyle[Admin] 8 years ago
By the way I have just noticed references to people who are the calculation authors:
Original Design: Nathan Powell, April 2000
Revised: Dawn Ellison, Jason Weaver April 2005
Further Revised By: Todd Groesbeck, Sterling Anderson April 2006

It is a site policy to always pay credit where credit is due.

Also could you confirm that you have their permission to use the calculation?
JohnDoyle[Admin] 8 years ago
Well done again. Two in one day!thank you KUNJAN I have extended your XLC Pro Subscription by three months by way of thanks.

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