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Gravity Dam Stability Analysis
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Calculation Preview

Gravity dam Stability Analysis:(Block-8)

The stability analysis of Non-overflow concrete dam has been carried out as procedure given in  
IS 6512 -1984 and IS 1893-1984. Section is enclosed.

Basic data:

Top of the dam Level
Maximum water level
Full reservoir level
Maximum Tail water level
Foundation Level
Silt level or Spillway crest level
Total Height of the dam
Head at MWL
Head at FRL
D/S slope
Base width of dam
Tail water depth for MWL
Compressive strength of concrete fc 
Design horizontal seismic coefficient (αh)
Design vertical seismic coefficient (αv=3/4 x αh)
Unit weight of concrete
Unit weight of water
Vertical density of silt
Horizontal density of silt
Section Modulus (Z)
Distance of drainage gallery from U/S
Distance of spillway crest from U/S
End level of the spillway
Cross sectional area of the spillway
C.G of the Spillway section

Calculation Reference
Dam Design
Non Overflow Concrete Dam

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Harish Kumar Mahavar (HarishKumarMahavar)
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06 Mar 2018
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how can i downlaod it
JohnDoyle[Admin] 2 years ago
I have extended your XLC Pro subscription by three months by way of thanks.

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