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Please post any suggestions or ideas that you think the ExcelCalcs team should consider.
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TOPIC: Engineering specific repository
LQEngineer (User)
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Engineering specific repository 11 Years, 11 Months ago Karma: 4  
Not that many users have uploaded spreadsheets as yet. I am a professional engineering in the U.S. who specializes in the field of Structural Engineering. I am also the author of a freeware spreadsheet that was written a few years ago and placed into public domain called MultiLat(tm). The spreadsheet allows for the lateral (wind and seismic) design of light-framed (wood) structures up to three stories. The buildings can be broken down into "blocks" and the resulting "shear" can be combined to complete the design. The spreadsheet is currently written for the states on the west coast that use the 1997 Uniform Building Code. This will change by the end of the year as I am rewriting the spreadsheet to comply with the 2006 International Building Code.
I would like to offer it to XLC repository but as I will do as soon as my own site is reconstructed. I currently will be offering it on a MS Window's Live Space but shortly I will have it on my own website.
My suggestion is that XLC repository provide an Imperial and Metric units site and possibly break the catagory down further into the engineering specialties such as Civil(land and geotechnical), Structural (foundations and structures), mechanical, electrical etc.
The units breakdown is most important as my spreadsheet is open to those who wish to modify it or improve it and those in the U.K. who may be able to convert it from Imperial to Metric units.
I would like any opinions on this, but please, I am not recommending a repository for shareware. I wish to create tools that are useful to engineers who will find value in the tool and put it to good use or improve it and return it to the professional community. As always, the responsibility lies with the user to determine the accuracy with the program as I can not control who may change it and resubmit it. Preferably, all resubmittals will go through me for my own spreadsheets so that I can check accuracy.
Finally, I use only basic functions and since it was written prior to Excel 2003, I will be converting the ActiveX pull-down menus to newer built-in functions.
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JohnDoyle[Admin] (Admin)
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Re:Engineering specific repository 11 Years, 10 Months ago Karma: 494  
I am happy hosting good free information for any one who is interested in calculations with Excel so I have no objections to hosting shareware or even to provide links other sites from the repository. You'll see links to other sites already in the Repository. One such link is to an Excel addin called changeunits which is relevant to your comment about imperial and metric units. Judging by the comments left by Excelcalcs users it looks very useful.
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yogia (User)
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Re:Engineering specific repository 11 Years, 10 Months ago Karma: 9  
Hi LQEngineer:

Your MultiLat(tm) spreadsheet program sounds very interesting and would be a great contribution to the XLC repository. Is it available for download at some site right now? I would like to have a look at it -- so please do let me know.<br><br>Post edited by: yogia, at: 2007/05/05 17:55
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Yogi Anand, D.Eng, P.E.
Energy Efficient Building Network LLC
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