Shaft Impact Calculation

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Purpose of calculation
Consider loading on an aluminium shaft due to 1g vertical. Calculate bending moment, stress and strain energy.
Determine impact force when being lowered from a crane at 100mm/s.

Calculation Reference
First principles.

Calculation Validation
XLC addin used to check formulae.
Comparison against ansys result.

Length of shaft
Density of Aluminium
Mass of paper roll
Mass of Shaft
Acceleration due to gravity
Velocity of decent
Young's Modulus (aluminium)
Position from end of shaft

Heaviside function for bearing load
Heaviside function for first drum load
Heaviside function for first drum load
1g reaction force
1g drum bearing load
Bending Moment equation
Calculation is performed for 100 steps from end of shaft to centre position
Strain energy due to 1g vertical load
Kinetic energy before impact
Impact Factor

Bending Moment
Section Properties
Strain Energy

Calculation Reference
Analysis of Impact
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Shock and Vibration
| Find on | Find on | Find on | Find on | Find on |
Dynamic Analysis
| Find on | Find on | Find on | Find on | Find on |

Version History
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24 Mar 2011
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24 Mar 2011
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John Doyle
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