From time to time authors may wish to update their calculations published at ExcelCalcs. This is how it is done:
  1. Log into the ExcelCalcs website
  2. Select “My Calcs’ to display everything you have uploaded.
  3. Select the calculation you would like to update.
  4. You’ll then see the “Update Submission” link; click on this to show a new upload page.
  5. Now use the ‘browse’ button to select the updated calculation to upload.
  6. You may wish to update the file description. This is written in HTML. If you are unfamiliar with HTML please just contact us with a technical query including the change and we’ll do it for you.
  7. Raise the file version (e.g. if your file is currently version 1.3 and you have only made a small change raise it to version 1.4; If it is a major update then you may wish to raise it to version 2.0).
  8. Now click on the ‘Submit File’ button. Remember your old calculation will be over written.
  9. You can now view your updated calculation page.
  10. Please subscribe to calculation comments to get feedback from the whole community.