What is a Corporate Coupon? - it is just a text code (e.g. "FGT6G5F7") that totally offsets the cost of a new subscription or a subscription renewal. The code is entered on our checkout page.

Why Buy a Corporate Coupon ? - to benefit from our generous volume discount policy if you are purchasing a number of subscriptions. Remember to get the best benefit from a corporate coupon can use it to renew your subscription over a number of years. 

How we calculate volume discount
Volume Discount Curve

P = Price of single XLC Pro (12M) subscription
N = Number of XLC Pro (12M) subscriptions
r = Volume discount factor = 0.85
U = Unit Price = P x N(r – 1)
T = Total Payable = P x Nr

How to obtain a volume discount - Please email or telephone to discuss.

For example if you require 15 XLC Pro (12M) subscriptions:

$99.00 = Price of single XLC Pro (12M) subscription
      15 = Number of XLC Pro (12M) subscriptions
   0.85 = Volume discount factor = 0.85
$65.95 = Unit Price = 99 x 15(0.85 – 1)
$989.27 = Total Payable = 99 x 150.85

Use the buttons below or we can send you a PayPal invoice for $989.27. On receipt of funds ExcelCalcs will generate a Corporate Coupon within 12 hours which can be used 15 times.  The purchaser is responsible for the distribution and use of the Corporate Coupon within his organisation. There are no time limits on the use of a Corporate Coupon.

Number of uses

Note: If you do not wish to pay by PayPal we will consider other methods of payment for orders over $300.

How to use your Corporate CouponProceed to purchase an XLC Pro (12M) plan using the Paypal button (but don’t worry the coupon settles the bill before you get to Paypal). Proceed through to the ExcelCalcs checkout page where you’ll be prompted to enter your coupon . Your XLC Pro (12M) Corporate Coupon will totally offset the cost of the plan, you will not proceed to PayPal and you will be immediately subscribed on the XLC Pro (12M) Plan.