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FileSageMath Note Book This free open source resource offers you the power of a full symbolic maths package like Maple, Mathematica, Matlab, and Magma (which cost $1000 - $2000). The browser text interface makes it easy to copy and paste into your Excel worksheets. I barely scratch the surface in terms of its power but I was pretty much blown away by it!
FileShear Lug Design.xls
Design of shear lugs for column base plates. The design is base...
John Doyle writes "I am well impressed with your submission – maybe one of the best we have received. It’s very well set out and easy to follow. I know that you already support us with an XLC Pro (12M) subscription but I have extended your expiry date by six months to express our thanks for your debut upload. Will this be the first of many? Thank you Jim."

FileBand Brake Check
Checks band brake forces and stresses according to recognised fo...
John Doyle writes "Thank you for your debut calculation Jay. I have rewarded you with an XLC Pro (3M) subscription. I found a couple of links to other sites that helped me follow the calculation Roymech and DANotes."