Wrap up your spreadsheets in our technology and see how it can transform your business. Here is how we are helped our clients in January 2015:
Defect Assessment Wrap
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Hundreds of casting defects have been found on a bogie frames across a fleet of trains. According to the build standard each bogie must be removed from service and repaired. We were asked to recommended a method of defect assessment that would reduce the amount of rectification work. After some consideration a safe method of assessment was proposed but it required the calculation of stress concentration factor for each defect. Inspectors are untrained in the calculation of stress concentration factors and the vehicles were at many geographical locations. How could we realise our goal?... Using wraps of course! Inspectors load our Wrap on their smart phones. Their smart phone camera is used to capture a photographic records of the casting defects. Then the inspector decides if the casting defect is a notch-like defect or a pore defect. Two dimensional parameters are entered, the wrap calculates the stress concentration factor and advises the inspector if the defect is acceptable. The fleet records are stored in our cloud database together with the inspectors' signatures. Using the Defect Assessment Wrap it is anticipated that 90% of repairs will not require rectification saving both costs and disruption to train service.
Weld Competence Wrap in Texas
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We deliver engineering training through our ExcelCalcs website. Uniquely our training provides spreadsheet tools for use long after the course is complete. In January we delivered our "Fatigue Life of Welded Structures" course in to Atlas Copco,  a mining equipment manufacturer in Texas. The training was followed by an engineering workshop to consider the use of crack growth calculations to determine if crack repair could be safely left until the next period of scheduled maintenance. After the course our Course Exam will be released as a wrap. Attendees are free to complete the test in their own time, when they sign their Test Wrap their papers are marked and scored instantaneously. If they have reached the pass mark the Test Wrap becomes a Certificate Wrap to demonstrate their new competence.
Route Card Wraps for Crewe
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Engineers at Crewe create route cards using Excel. These were sent to us for conversion to wraps. We have hosted the wrap on our trial site so that they can evaluate ExcelWraps. We are happy to extend this to any potential clients considering an ExcelWraps solution. Contact us to arrange.

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