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Thank you to all users who took part in our site survey. It reinforces our suspicion that most engineers use Excel to perform calculations (69.3% in fact). It was surprising to find that more people use pen, paper and calculator than use Mathcad (13.1% and 11.4%). Very few users use Mathematical, Maple or custom programming but maybe we don't need all that maths power (I tend to use free utilities like SageMath Note Book when I have the occasional requirement for algebraic manipulations of formulae). Some 86% of users make calculations regularly and 50% make calculations everyday. only 14% make calculations occasionally. I find the results very interesting because it shows that even if you make calculations everyday you are more likely to use Excel than Mathcad and I guess what we do at ExcelCalcs is bring Mathcad functionality to Excel.

I am very interested in your comments regarding the Calculation Software Survey Results - please discuss in the forum .

Beta Testing the Next Release of XLC - We are working on a new XLC release that will automatically redraw equations (no need for manual redraws and your equations will always reflect the current calculation). We are also implementing a new equation 'speed input' method (type “s=u*t+0.5*a*t^2” and XLC will expand the input and set up cell formulas and equations in Excel). We hope to release the software by the end of March.

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FireBox Video Playing Problem - I upgraded to the latest version of FireFox and found that I could not play some video files on the ExcelCalcs site. If anyone else is having the same problem I installed the MediaPlayerConnectivity Firefox extension which launches embedded media on a webpage in an external player. There are no such problems with MS Internet Explorer or Chome browsers.

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New upload from JohnDoyle
File LineSec.xls
This is a useful calculation for section properties of any section comprising lines. Each line can be assigned a thickness property so it is particularly useful for sections made up from flat plates. I often us it for assessment of weld lines too particularly if a welded connection uses weld of various throat sizes (or a mix of butt and fillet welds).