Do Green Solutions Work?

Blow out of proportion?Blown Out! - The electricity produced by rooftop wind turbines in urban areas is so small they may do more harm to the environment than good, a report has confirmed. Energy savings figures from roof mounted urban wind turbines have been revised downwards. The 18-month study by the Carbon Trust and UK Met Office showed that installing turbines on the roofs of many homes does not generate enough green electricity to even counter the carbon emissions created by their production, installation and operation.

Solar burn?Solar Burn Out? - I have also been investigating solar p.v. panels to free my house from the national grid. Using my electricity bill and information from I calculated that I could totally replace my electricity supply with 17 solar panel units each covering 8sqm. The cost is a whopping £102000 (about $204000). Ignoring interest that’s a 76 year payback period and the system only lasts 25 years.

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Does any green initiative actually stack up on paper or is simply a costly gesture? I would welcome any comments and calculations on the subject. Please have your say in the forum .

Clyde's Contributions

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All praise to Clyde who opens a new repository category called "Electricity" with his calculation for permanant magnet DC motors.

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Clyde was  one of the first site members and he has continuously helped to improve XLC and the website functionality by raising comments on the site forum. I rely heavily on useful comments and suggestions from users and Clyde's input has been particularly appreciated. This is Clyde's second contribution to the repository his first being:

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