Document control is a key issue for engineers but it can become an administrative nightmare. Here at ExcelCalcs we have developed many tools to control the calculations we distribute and as a member you have access to all these tools.

Problem ExcelCalcs Document Control Solution
I downloaded a calculation once now I can’t find it. Simply select My Downloads.
What calculations I previously used have been updated? Simply select My Updates.
If it has been updated since I used it what has changed and is it significant? discuss.pngJust check the Version History on the download page.
I need to be kept automatically informed by email if a calculation is updated. Just select subscribe.gif on the calculation download page.
What calculations will I be kept informed about? Simply select My Subscribes from the user menu.
Can I remove myself from the notification list? Just select unsubscribe.gif from each item in the  My Subscribes list.
I don’t want to be emailed but I would like to find calculations quickly. Just select favorite.gif from the download page and use the My Favorites link from the user menu to list them all out.

Good document control relies on discipline on the part of our authors but they can rely on the full support of our administrators to guide and help them (after all authors are our very favourite kind of member). This is we ask authors to do:

  1. Log into the ExcelCalcs website
  2. Select “My Uploads’ to display everything you have uploaded.
  3. Select the calculation you would like to update.
  4. You’ll then see the “Update Submission” link; click on this to show a new upload page.
  5. Now use the ‘browse’ button to select the updated calculation to upload.
  6. You may wish to update the file description. This is written in HTML. If you are unfamiliar with HTML please just email us the change and we’ll do it for you.
  7. Raise the file version (e.g. if your file is currently version 1.3 and you have only made a small change raise it to version 1.4; If it is a major update then you may wish to raise it to version 2.0).
  8. Now click on the ‘Submit File’ button. Remember your old calculation will be over written.
  9. You can now view your updated calculation page.
  10. Please click on the ‘Version History’ button and post to say that your calculation has been updated to the new version and say why it has been updated. This will be automatically emailed everyone who has ‘subscribed’ to your calculation. It is the best way of ensuring that everyone is working with the latest version of your work. You can see a good example here which shows you what we are trying to achieve.

Repository News

Uploaded Repository Folder, Calculation link, Author Details and Calculation Version History
2011 Aug. 18 This file is located in the Civil Engineering folder. UpdateIBC2006E.xls by ATomanovich. File version 1.6 view full version history.
2011 Aug. 18 This file is located in the Civil Engineering folder. UpdateIBC2003E.xls by ATomanovich. File version 1.9 view full version history.
2011 Aug. 18 This file is located in the Civil Engineering folder. UpdateIBC2000E.xls by ATomanovich. File version 2.6 view full version history.
2011 Aug. 15 This file is located in the Finite Element folder. UpdateExcelFEM 2D xlsb version for Excel 2007 & Excel 2010 by BABACAN. File version 1.1 view full version history.
2011 Aug. 14 This file is located in the Structural Details folder. New!Pre-Cast Column Connection Design by WilfredL.